L.A Big Bang

My first kpop concert was the best experience ever. Not only was the concert of my favorite group but the group that got me into kpop. And that group is none other than the Kings BIG BANG

We (by we i refer to my younger sister and cousin, also vip fans) anyhow. We arrived at Staple Center around 6pm. It was very busy. After all the security we finally got to our seats.

As you can tell, our seats where high up. Which turned out great because we had view off all the screens. Of course close up would have been better (next US tour)

The concert was Fantastic Baby, not only did they do group songs but also Solo. They spoke to the fans and showed their love (non kpop artist don't do that) by far the best concert I've been to in my life.

The next day we went Koreatown. We tried delicious Korean BBQ and their was a fair. We tried Topoki, along with korean ice-cream. And we got to try on the Korean clothing (which is beautiful)

The final destination before returning home was a kpop music store. Not only did we buy the MADE E CD, my sister also got herself a ONE OF A KIND sweater. But also a Big Bang blanket. I got posters. and ones we got home it was time to Decorate!!!

Overall it was all worth it. My first plane ride, first time in Koreatown. And first kpop concert. Big Bang will forever be my #1 kpop group. Not only do they all have qualities of my ideal man, but there music is amazing. Top my #1 bias (closes to my ideal man), his gorgeous, but i love his bingu side more, its so cute.

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