10 Times Plankton Understood Your Jealous Rage

It's okay that people are better than you...just not all the time.

Take it from our favorite sea-bound villain, it sucks pretty hard being number two. Channel your jealous rage with Plankton, and know that you're not alone in this. You may be evil...but it's okay!

Comment if you're reading this in his voice...because I know you are.


People are always questioning if you're qualified or not.

I went to college! Isn't that enough for you!!!! Oh...you want two years of experience, three internships and my left leg!? How do I proceed!?

Oh SPONGEBOB has 5 years of experience and can give you his left leg because he can regenerate. HOW CONVENIENT


We've all got that one person at work or school that we can't possibly impress.

You could run a marathon, win the Nobel Prize, cure cancer and be back in time for dinner...and they wouldn't care. You're awesome...except nobody notices.


You get jealous really easily...especially of happy people.

They kind of freak you out though. Like...a lot. HOW CAN YOU BE SO HAPPY ALL THE TIME.


You view everyone else's success as a mark of your failure.

At least...that's how you see it.

And even when you're doing well...someone comes along and crushes you. Like...shows you up or makes you look stupid when you're feeling good.

That's not fair!


People are always selling you short.



Your jealous rage can lead you to questionable habits.

Like...I don't know, eating a Krabby Patty that is like...twice your size. Or acting like a jerk to your friends because you're jealous of them.


Sometimes you need your jealous rage to survive.

Like when your friends at school are all getting good grades and you're sitting there like, "MUST GET BETTER GRADES THAN THEM." Jealousy can be a motivator. I mean, Plankton wouldn't even want the Krabby Patties if he weren't jealous right?

Some days you can't deny that there are some things you need to work on.

Like not being as jealous! it's okay, we've all got stuff to work on...even Plankton!


And eventually, you will see the light. You can't live like a jealous wreck all the time. One day you'll truly excel at something all your own. And you will be happy!

Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but be patient! Your very own Krabby Patty could be on the way!

Okay then. Bye.

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