What Gilmore Girls Got Right About Small-Town Connecticut

Where you lead... (cue sobbing)

ConnecticutGilmore GirlsRory Gilmore

Stars Hollow

This is legitimately what fall looks like.

New England fall foliage = on point.


Private school kids can be...a lot.

I mean, Connecticut is practically synonymous with prep school - Chilton was not an exaggeration.


The college pressure is real.

See above, re: prep school.

Local eateries are the best.

We didn't have Al's Pancake World and their famous Chinese food, but we did have an amazing bakery with the best chocolate sweets and also a surprisingly delectable hole-in-the-wall Italian place with awesome chicken cutlets.

Neighbors become family.

I have a "second mom," who lived around the corner from me for 15 years.

The first snow is magical...

...and then the rest seem to last for approximately eight months of winter and you want to cry. But, still!

Who else would totally move to Stars Hollow if it existed?

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