Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Gah I love this book so, so much.

Warning: contains LGBTQIA (but adorable af) material (as well as good ol' fashioned guy-girl romance) and plot points dealing with depression (whoops spoilers?)

The story is told alternatively from the two Graysons' views, who meet unexpectedly one night in Chicago, and their lives after the encounter. Connecting the two even more, is Will Grayson's best friend, Tiny, self-proclaimed gay and sparkly playwright.

Each Grayson is dealing with his own demons and trying to figure out life, and here's Tiny, writing a musical of all musicals to knock them out of their orbit and face life. It's a moderately heavy book (not weight wise, uhm... emotion wise..?? you know what I mean. I hope).

There's so much emotion in this book, thought, and the angsty-ness of the characters really get to me because no matter what anyone says, we've all been there before. Feeling like the world is against us and hating every second of it. Yet, there's always hope that it gets better, knowing that it gets better, and accepting that it doesn't have to be better because now is actually pretty nice too.

You probably won't find your universal truth in this story, and it probably wouldn't even be that significant a book to you other than "that was a helluva good story." But like most John Green and David Levithan books, I think it really does leave a significant impression on a person.

In the end, I think this story is about living life just the way it is, whether you're afraid, gay, clinically depressed, too optimistic, inherently shallow, anything, anything. A story is about the journey of the characters, and these people definitely took a journey. By the end of this story, their lives didn't end, their journey continues, but at that point of the way, both Graysons acknowledge that they've changed in some way. That's all that matters, that you've changed on the way.

Did this get too deep? Sorry, John Green and David Levithan tends to do that to me. Imagine what both of them together did.

So if you're looking for a new read, pick up this book from a local library! I swear you'll love me for recommending this book.

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