Five Articles of Clothing to Keep in Your Car to Avert Wardrobe Disasters

Keep any or every of these five items in your car for the quickest upgrades to outfits that just don't work

1. A statement scarf.

A brightly colored or patterned scarf can spice up the drabbest outfits, while adding a non-jewelry accessory that covers you up and keeps you that much warmer. Stick to silk in the warmer months, wool in the cooler months, and let it punch up any poorly-timed monochrome or distract from a "she wore the same top/dress as me" moment.

2. A slouchy pullover sweater.

Throwing a slouchy sweater over a dress will instantly take its formalness down a notch. If the sweater is a little sheer, revealing the silhouette you have on underneath will add some extra style points while also showing off your figure a little better than a bulkier sweater.

3. A wool blanket that doubles as a shawl.

A plaid cape-like blanket can add a stylish (and warm) twist to jeans and a tee shirt, or dress down a simple dress in style. Wrap it around your shoulders, and you can belt it if layering it over a little body-hugging dress. Dressing inappropriately for the weather is also a serious concern, and as winter draws nearer, a fashionable blanket starts to look like a genius sartorial choice.

4. Classic black high-heels.

High heels are painfully necessary in life, but don't need to be worn as often as you may think. That being said, whether or not you should wear heels at a new job, to a party, or questionable occasion, is often unclear, and it's a safe bet to have them on hand. This also means that you wear a more comfortable shoe, but have the aforementioned heels in case you arrive and notice that they're absolutely necessary to give your look a boost.

5. A little black cardigan.

This simple and ladylike article will take any look from being inappropriately bare or immodest to a more polished and professional place. You didn't realize that the event required covered shoulders? Grab your cardigan. Does your dress look a little too party-ready in a somber environment? Your cardigan will tone it down. Not to mention that it keeps you that much warmer.

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