My favorite leading actress

IT WOULD DEFINITELY BE GEUM JAN DI FROM BOYS OVER FLOWERS IT WAS MY SECOND DRAMA BUT ITS MY VERY FAVORITE to watch she may have cried a little too much for me near the end but I absolutely love her character because she took on all the problems that came too her and made sure none of her friends get hurt and off topic you know that the opening really grows on you peoples its my jam and did you know exo did a cover of it :3 I also love the Japanese version hana yori dango even though i know this is for kdrama sorry if it bothers you but yeahhhhhh here's pics and vids

I'm just an adorkable potato who loves kpop and dance pleased to meet you peoples ^_^ " Life isn't about living along it's about living through" ~ Rap Monster
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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