Love Changes

love changes over time? is it something we should be happy about or actully be kinda worried, well let me tell you that you should be happy, becouse You and Your Partner had come to the point when ya'll dont need to be so exicited so much , to show up so much . Yes i know you might be thinking is bad , just wait a moment there the way this is changing is that whenever you show up your love it will be CONFIDENT you wont nessesary said it with so much exicitement and thats becouse you already know that he/she is your you know that he/she belongs to you so you are just so confident about ya'll love that ya'll know ya'll love and each other and know that ya'll gonna be there for you and that will be all it matters. It won't matter how many arguments yall have it doesnt matter how many times yall angry to each other it just doesnt matter and thats becouse even if those stuff happen at THE END OF THE DAY YA'LL ARE LOVING EACH OTHER and then just end up HAPPY becouse yall pass throught the problem together and yall forgive each other . Love changes over time it can change in a Good Way or in Bad Way but Only YOU know the problem Only YOU know whats wrong so Let me tell you DONT GIVE UP !!!! THERE IS NO REASON WHY TO GIVE UP ON THE PERSON THAT WOULDNT GIVE UP ON YOU !! THERE IS NO REASON WHY TO GIVE UP ON THE PERSON YOU LOVE !!!! TRY MEN IS NOT EASY I KNOW ... AND YOU MIGHT GET TIRED OF TRYING BUT JUST KEEP TRYING !!! EVEN IF IT MEANS TO MAKE HER OR HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN START OVER IF NESESSARY BUT DONT YOU EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR LOVE !! and again Love changes over time but only you have the answer why changes in bad way and only you know why is it going to good . Good luck my friends i hope i helped on something ! goodnight to everyone .

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