WTF: Ultimate Parody of Popular Anime in Osomatsu-san!

Prepare yourself for this, because I didn't know what I was going to watch. The video below is a mashup of Episode 1 of Osomatsu-san, which is the revival of an old show Osomatsu-kun.

Get ready for the laughs!

How many different references can you find in this mashup?

I've found Attack on Titan, Haikyuu!!, music themed I know there's like 800 more references probably though XD

I'm actually considering watching Osomatsu-san after seeing this mashup of (I think) just the first episode. I'm not sure the whole show would be able to keep me going if there's not more plot than comes through here, but I read a few reviews of the first episode was more just bringing the old show into the present, and the real story will start from Episode 2.

Is anybody watching this? Should I try it out?

Am I a writer? Still deciding..
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