Pan Dulce For Dummies!

it's called PAN DULCE!


Pan dulce is Spanish for 'sweet bread' and is the perfect Mexican breakfast on the go. You can pair it with a coffee, chase it down with a sip of Abuelita - hell, eat it alone for all I care. Either way, you're not going to be let down!

These are called 'conchas'.

They're basically the world's most awesome roll. They're not very sweet in the actual roll part, but are covered in a sweet cookie crust. They're also very colorful. If you see a concha out in the wild, it means things are about to get real delicious.

Whatchu know about OREJAS?!

They're supposed to look like ears, but I just see rainbows made out of delectable carbohydrates. Made with flaky puff pastry, the oreja is pretty bourgie for a pan dulce.

BOOM. Marranitos.

These molasses pig-shaped cookies almost taste like a Mexican variety of gingerbread - except they're SO MUCH BETTER and SERVED ALL YEAR ROUND. (This is also my favorite pan dulce so if you mess with the marranito, you're messing with me.)

Holy Empanadas!

Mexican empanadas make all other empanadas look like Hot Pockets. You might know empanadas as stuffed with potato, meat, and cheese (which you can easily find in Mexico!), but empanadas of the bakery variety are filled with apple, pumpkin, and pineapple! Yum!

Save room for 'cuernos'!

The cuerno is like the butter croissant's fun kid sister who you'd much rather hang out with because butter croissants are comparatively boring and less colorful. My favorite cuernos have pink stripes, but you can find cuernos of all sorts of colors!

Those are five different pan dulces in a long, long list of awesome panadería eats! If you've never been to a Mexican bakery, I highly recommend you visit and try these for yourself!

What's your favorite pan dulce? Is there one I didn't mention that YOU really enjoy?

Let me know in the comments below!

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