Unique Autumn Beauty Essentials

Because who doesn't want to look like a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Now that it's mid-October, fall living is in full swing. And with the change of wardrobe (goodbye short-shorts, hello turtlenecks) usually comes a change in one's beauty routine. We all know the go-to look: dark lips, berry cheeks and glittery eyes.

Estée Lalondeunique fall beauty essentials

Burnt orange lips.

Everyone breaks out the plum and dark red lips once September hits - myself included. I looooove me some burgundy shades, but was on the prowl to expand my lip color palette when I stumbled across "Persuasion," a stunning deep orange from Topshop. I've been wearing it nonstop for two weeks now and am completely obsessed.

Deep green nails.

I adore dark nails year-round (you'll frequently find me sporting near-black shades throughout summer), but apparently they're far more socially acceptable in the cooler months. While I tend to reach for the same wine color time and time again, I decided to test my limits with this deep forest color ("Burton Mews") and promptly fell hard. It pops against pale autumn skin and somehow matches with everything I wear. A+

Dusty rose blush.

Berry is the name of the game when it comes to fall cheek colors, but, after a gallant attempt, I've been finally forced to admit that those shades simply don't suit me. Instead, I've been opting for a muted rose that I originally picked out for my mother ("Dazzled")...not sure what that says about my beauty style. Now I'm just trying to work up the courage to try a Snow White-esque true red in the same range.

Bronze eyes.

Since fall makeup usually features deep colors on the lips and cheeks, you tend to find something brightening and metallic on the eyes, like copper or gold. I'm still a big fan of metallic eye makeup, but I prefer to go a tad darker with "Bad to the Bronze," which still maintains a natural look.

What are your unique go-to fall beauty products?

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