Bridal Nail Personality Test

So, let's see what kind of bride you are with this fun manicured nail test:

without cheating by reading below first

Choose between:






According to nail types, your personality is as follows:

Round: Extremely feminine. The girly type who is caring and ever the hopeless romantic.

Oval: Chic, practical, a leader. Fiercely independent and eager to cut-to-the-chase.

Squoval: Utterly glamorous. You see beauty and value in the details of rich and sumptuous ideas.

Square: Easy going, relaxed, you are open to ideas and thoughtful in your decisions.

Almond: Classy. Sophisticated. You enjoy a sense of serenity punctuated with drama.

So...which one is you? Was your nail type and personality type a match? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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