#waifu4laifu Sailor Mars response

For@hikaymm lol she needed this card. Ok so first off, we have the same name. If you pronounce Ray in the Japanese way, it'd be Rei. Not sure if having the same name is a good thing but I'll count it as a positive.

When I was really young, I only had a very limited amount of anime to watch. All I had were DragonBall and Megaman (both dubbed in spanish mind you) which was fine with me. Then later on, I was being exposed to new shows and Sailor Moon was one of them.

I thought to myself "eww this is for girls" but I saw that smile, that same smile in the picture above and I'm like whoa who's that? I've always been a sucker for a nice smile. Then I saw her burning sh*t and I'm like aaawww dayum, I'm in love. So I pretty much watched it because of her. She's awesome!

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