My Beauty Experience: Eyebrow Tinting

I always got my eyebrows done from a very young age. I was the queen of eyebrow waxing and never even realized that I had no eyebrows to begin with.

"on fleek"

"my little to no hair"


I have taken it upon myself to return every two weeks to get my eyebrows cleaned up and in order to get my eyebrows to grow, the lady recommended that I apply castor oil to my eyebrows every night. I'm excited for progress and I would definitely recommended eyebrow tinting to anyone who has sparse or light eyebrow hair, it makes a huge difference. Your eyebrows will thank you and you will be able to cut down on your eyebrow prepping time in the morning. If you're still interested in the eyebrow tinting process, check out the video above and see how it's done.

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