Big Bang Fancam from Singapore MADE Stop! [Fancam Feed]

Since I know we have a tonnnnn of Big Bang fans here on Vingle, I wanted to put up a Big Bang fancam, but since they pretty much only have huge arena concerts, it's really hard to find an HD fancam that actually shows them well!

I found this one from one of the days in one of the days in Singapore that is actually pretty great, but it cuts off at the end :( sorry!


July 19, 2015!

Skip to 1:32 if you'd rather not watch Daesung's AWEEESOMMMEEE drum solo!

If you want to just laugh this whole video, then I recommend just watching TOP because he is still the biggest bingu on this planet.

Bonus Video: Crooked in Singapore!

I've been lucky enough to see Big Bang live once, but it was before my FAVORRRITTEEEE song ever (Crooked) came out, so I really have been dying to see this one live :( maybe someday!!!

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