Park Si Hoo Sexual Assault Scandal Update

It has been reported that the police has collected hair, blood, and urine samples from trainee ‘A’ to determine if there were any drugs involved in the alleged case of Park Si Hoo‘s sexual assault. This means that the police are investigating possible drugs or sleep medication used on ‘A’. If the tests come out positive, the results will be a decisive factor for the investigation, and Park Si Hoo may also have drug charges. The investigation has led to searching for drug use due to the information they’ve received from ‘A’ when she filed, and from the CCTV footage they have obtained. If you remember, the restaurant owner had CCTV footage in which ‘A’ was seen walking down the stairs by herself. The next footage is of Park Si Hoo and his friend carrying ‘A’ at the parking lot of Park Si Hoo’s home. It is said there is probably about a 10 minute gap between the two CCTV footage if they had gotten out from the restaurant and headed to Park Si Hoo’s home in the car. The police are suspecting that if drugs were involved, it may have been during these 10 minutes. ‘A’ told the police, “There’s no way I could have gotten drunk sharing 2 bottles of the soju. I realized that I had gotten raped at Park Si Hoo’s house after I woke up.” A police representative said, “Usually, results from the National Forensics Service takes two weeks. But since this situation is an emergency, the results will come out within the week.” Park Si Hoo will be summoned on the 24th for his investigation. News Roundup: As you know, Cheongdamdong Alice star Park Shi Hoo was recently indicted for sexual assault. Since his indictment, conflicting stories have arisen between him and his accuser, Trainee A, leading to a serious and thorough investigation of Trainee A’s claims. The sudden inclusion of a third party, Person B, who introduced Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, only complicated matters, especially when it was confirmed that Park Shi Hoo and Person B met with Trainee A after she accused him, to make an attempt to clear things up. Still, even with the knowledge that security camera footage is expected to play a key role in the investigation, Park Shi Hoo maintains that he is innocent. Person B, soon revealed to be an up-and-coming actor who tried to maintain anonymity throughout the beginning of the scandal, now faces a lawsuit himself, and has since opened up to authorities and reporters to discuss his version of what happened. While he did introduce Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, he maintains that this situation has been misrepresented and he’s waiting for the official word from the police following the investigation. On February 22, Park Shi Hoo’s manager released an official statement regarding the scandal and indictment. The statement apologizes for the long lapse in time between the incident and official word from Park Shi Hoo, but maintains that the negative attention is undeserved, and reasserts that Park Shi Hoo will act in full compliance with the police investigation. Not known for their silence, netizens have taken to the message boards to voice their outrage, which is directed largely towards Trainee A, and have even managed to attack an uninvolved woman who they suspected to be Trainee A, calling her a “gold digger” and insisting that she leave Park Shi Hoo alone. As the investigation continues, netizens’ support for Park Shi Hoo has not wavered; most netizens still seem to believe Park Shi Hoo’s innocence.

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