Anime Boyz lol

These are all my fictional loves lol. My main one currently is Sagura (the last one) from Red Data Girl. He is life. List of names and animes they are from: •Kirito-Sword Art Online •Natsu-Fairy Tail •Aido-Vampire Knight •Soul-Soul Eater •Gray-Fairy Tail •Sagura-Red Data Girl

Ohayo! I'm 13-years-old and totally into anime, manga, and all things Japan! I'm also the guild master of Mermaid's Storm, also run by miss @matildajgarrett. So, check out my page to find a card for the guild! Don't be shy. If you want to join, shoot me a message, or comment on one of the cards!!! Dewa, mata ne! (See you next time!)
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