Kpop Challenge 10-14

School's getting busier guys. Sorry for lagging on this

10 - Kpop songs that makes me happy/smile

Kpop in general makes me happy, but these are higher on the list :)

11 - favorite kpop dance

SHINee's dancing ♥♥♥♥ I had other dances too, but their dances always make me break my replay button XD

12 - kpop music video by both girl and boy bias groups

Girl- Sistar "I Swear" ^.^

Guy - BTS War of Hormones ^.^ seriously that was my favorite era of the boys :D

13 - favorite kpop video of all time

14 - first Kpop song you heard

I'm putting both these days together since it's the same song. Big Bang was the first to bring me into Kpop and since this is the very first song I've heard, it has more meaning to me than just random dancing time ^.^

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