Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra - Lolita (로리타) OST

자타가 공인하는 명감독 스텐리 큐브릭이 1962년에 만든 걸작 멜로 영화 로리타 OST

01. Main Title (Love Theme From Lolita)

02. Quilty (Quilty's Theme)

03. Ramsdale (Arrival In Town)

04. Lolita Ya Ya

05. There's No You

06. Quilty's Caper (School Dance)

07. Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)

08. Shelley Winters Cha Cha

09. Music To Eat By (Mother And Humbert At Dinner)

10. Love Theme From Lolita

11. The Last Martini (Discovery Of Diary)

12. Charlotte Is Dead (Thoughts Of Lolita)

13. Instant Music (Two Beat Society)

14. The Strange Call

15. Mrs. Schiller

16. End Title (Love Theme From Lolita)

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