Imaginary Kpop Group: Rhy-Mo Behind the Scenes

Who are we?

We are Rhy-Mo an alternative indie-pop band/group.

Our name originated from the two words Rhythm and Motion. Rhythm for the music, and the lyrics that get you moving and feeling the beat. Motion for the dancing. We have two main dancers that create dances as an accompaniment for some of our songs.

What are we?

Rhy-Mo is an alternative indie-pop band/group. Most of our members (namely two) do not play instruments but can sing and rap and are talented dancers. They usually perform separately from us and have their own dance studio where they teach dance as well.

Aside from our two dancers we have a drummer, a DJ, a pianist, three guitarist, and although it is not commonly known, we also have a violinist as well. We are all constantly learning new things and expanding our musical scope.

The lyrics we write are mostly gritty and burn deep into the soul, while the instruments are played so passionately, you can feel the rage and sorrow from the instrumentalists themselves. Our lyrics are mostly about the typical love story but we have widen our field into some other things a bit more extravagant as: the loss of loved ones, war, political strife, etc... Our songs are generally full of satiric humor and we spill our own differing opinions into our lyrics while making it sound good. We want to get people thinking about things they generally would not or try to ignore. If you like us and listen to us, you have started to get involved with your life. Meaning you are not just going with the motions but also contributing to the world.

Most people think it's strange and surprising to find this in a young seemingly carefree group of youths. But with our music we intend to break the mold of what's normal.

In addition, Rhy-Mo encompasses the musical whims of jazz, hip-hop, R&B, pop, classical, and many others to create a new type of music. We are often compared to Japanese rock bands or described as an alternative to the famous group Clazziquai.

When the group dances we also have a bit of flare that encompasses mostly modern dance so that we can express more clearly how we feel. As a group we are deeply rooted in our art and hope to continue to grow in it.

Who am I?

Yoo Jung. Kwon Yoo Jung.

I am Kwon Yoo Jung, the leader, drummer and a vocalist of Rhy-Mo. I am thought to be fierce leader amongst our members when we are recording but soft like jelly when we are relaxing. I personally think I have the bubbly fun characteristics of a leader than knows when to play and have fun but also when to be firm.

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I grew up very close with my cousin Kwon Yoo Kyung. He is just like a little brother to me and we grew up playing and learning together. There is little I know that he doesn't already know but there are many things I am better at than he is. He (Yoo Kyung) is very much apart of who I am now.

As I entered high school I became close to two sunbae's, the Yang twins: Yang Do Hyun and Yang Do Joon sunbaenim. They were amazing dancers (still are) and great rappers and singers. I wanted to work with them and I soon implored them to make a group with me similar to that of Clazziquai but different at the same time. Once I got they're agreement I set out to grab the other members.

It was always my dream to be in a group and share my views. We, the members and I, work very well individually and that's also apart of our strength when we come together as a group.

Aside from putting my all into writing and composing the songs for the group, I have also been modeling since before entering high school. It was fun to do and even better to get to wear different fashion brands. It also put a bit of cash into my pockets.

This is pretty much who I am....

Who am I?

Kwon Yoo Kyung.

I am the younger brother of Kwon Yoo Jung. Yoo Jung noona is actually my cousin but we are as close as siblings. I am currently 24 and own a couple of clubs that I occasionally DJ at as well. In the group I am the charmer. It is not always easy to do but I bring in good vibes and motivation for the group while things are tough. But that is not all I am known for.....I tend to sleep the most out of everyone and still look sleepy after having been well rested.

Growing up Yoo Jung and I were inseparable. Always fighting and arguing, always making up and defending each other. I used to get bullied a lot as well and Yoo Jung noona was always there to protect and defend me. I wasn't as good looking then as I am now. (haha) I was the tall skinny nerd that always got picked on for knowing the right answer and for not dressing well.

Once we hit our pre-teens, I became better looking and also started modeling with Yoo Jung noona. I learned to play the guitar as a hobby and got Yoo Jung noona to join me. I alone expanded into the electric and base guitar as well since I was getting better at playing and performing with the guitar. I learned all I could and about the guitar and even got into DJing after trying to write my own songs. I don't really know how I went from playing the guitar to DJing. (haha)

As a side note, I also started to learn the piano while Yoo Jung started the violin. We performed a little with that but didn't like it. We weren't very good either.

Who am I?

I am one of two. The better half of a childish twin brother. I am Yang Do Hyun.

I have been dancing with my brother since we were three. We did attempt at one point to play the piano or guitar but that wasn't for us.

In high school we always listened to rap songs and did some B-boying in the streets. We were our own group dancing to what ever song we chose until Yoo Jung came to us and said that she will help create songs just for us to dance to. We agreed and that is pretty much how we came to be apart of the group. Our role in the group is quite unique though. We sort of play the glue when everyone is a bit stressed but that tends to backfire since we are sort of just extra members. We don't play any instruments like the others but we do write lyrics and co-compose the songs.

As the oldest members in the group we have a lot to contribute to the younger members and sometimes feel the burden of that.

Note: Do Hyun in red jacket

Who am I?

I am one of two. The better half of HyunHan hyung. I am Yang Do Joon.

Like my brother I have been dancing since we were three. We learned how to play the guitar and piano at one point to impress certain girls we were interested in but soon figured out that wasn't our style. I don't really know what to say about myself that my brother hasn't already said. We are so close that we know all of each others secrets and share all of the good and bad moments with each other. We are pretty much inseparable.

Our role in the group is 'glue'. We help to keep everyone together and off edge. That doesn't always work but as long as we stay together and get over what ever the problem was, all is fine.

I am the more cheerful twin and play the role of cutie while HyunHan hyung is more serious.

Note: Do Joon in black jacket

Who am I?

I am thing one. Lim So Joon. I am your Recharge station. You can rest while you are with me. I am also called the Ice Prince since it is so rare ti see me smile and I have a cold glare while I day dream.

I am the older twin of Lim So Hwang and I am a bit calmer than So Hwang is. I am often compared to HyunHan hyung saying that I am strict or sometimes a bore but I guess older siblings are like this sometimes. Personally I regret the teasing but there isn't much I can do about it since it is who I am. And yes I get teased a lot for the similarities within the group.

What makes me different from my brother is, I guess it would be academics. My grades are just a little better than my brothers since i apply myself more to our studies and I hope to teach music one day. I'm not sure what So Hwang would do with his future. We might end up doing the same thing since there isn't really anything we haven't done together.

Who am I?

I am thing two. Lim So Hwang. I am your eternal Energizer and I am here to give you strength.

I am the younger twin of Lim So Joon and I am more active than hyung. I sometimes play the role of prankster along with Yang Do Joon hyung. We are often called the trouble making twins and help lighten up the whole mood of the group. Personally I like playing pranks in good fun with the members since we spend so much time together. I will admit that I am a bit more moody and love getting attention. The members, especially Do Joon hyung always give into me when I ask for their attention.

Along with my brother, I am fluent in many languages and we both love to watch anime and read mange. I'm not sure if I have a favorite manga to confess about or a favorite character to relate to. But I do love action and lots of it. I think I want to be an action star....still thinking that one through.

Who am I?

I am known as the Ice Princess Na Young. Park Na Young. I am currently 22 and in college studying music and art.

I became known as the Ice Princess because of my seemingly cold and blank expressions. But that is not who I truly am. I am very much a shy person and I just don't express myself well. I slightly regret the nickname since I am often paired off with Lim So Joon oppa. He is Ice Prince and I am his Ice Princess. It is no fun when I can't convince a guy I like that there is no special meaning between our nicknames. So Joon oppa and I are very uncomfortable because of it. Other than that I get along with the members just fine.

But other than music and art I love fashion and post fashion and make up tutorials on YouTube.

Who am I?

I am Yang Yoo Young, the symbol of innocence within the group. My pale clean complexion, my and innocent-looking face has given me the nickname Baby or Ms. Innocent.

Who am I? I like to think of myself as a musician. I play the guitar and the violin. A strange combination I guess but I play the guitar more. Before I joined Rhy-Mo, I did busking in the streets during junior high and the beginning of high school.

At a young age I was sure of what I was going to become. But everything became clearer once I met Yoo Jung. I love performing on stage with the group. Even with my solo activities, I can't get enough of it. My solo songs are very different from the groups and are said to fit my soft image better but I think they both fit me perfectly.

I made this card because@sherrysahar wanted to know more about my group. So I made a 'Who Are We?' card for it.@LiNaHyun what do you think of this.

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