7 Seriously Sassy Moments in Comics

The snark is strong with this one.

Seriously, this should be your go-to answer the next time someone asks you an inappropriate question.

Lauren Conrad has clearly been taking lessons from Wonder Woman! Here are six more amazingly sassy moments from some of our favorite women in comics:

Black Widow, eavesdropping and sipping tea.

Kermit gets it.

The double facepalm.

For moments so embarrassing that one face just isn't enough, you need Batman to get in on it.

Peggy Carter: 110% done with aliens.

She's basically Scully to Howard Stark's Mulder.

History channel guy gets it.


Time to run.

Not technically from the comics, but seriously how real is this?

Wedge heels: terrible costume design 101.

Take it from Carol Danvers: fighting crime in heels is literally a terrible idea.

I don't get it either Harley.



Who else totally laughed at these?

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