Poetry Session #1 Title: Bonds.

Sometimes, I can't describe the words that comes out my mouth because you broke me apart. We build up a friendship and I look at you so different that I swore you was my soulmate but I suffocated in lies between my eyes when my tears was drop and I realize around me was like ocean tides. After you left, the razor haunts me in solitude, I wanted to ask you if you were fine but you always smile when you walk with your friends so I assume you have some sort of fortitude. Wishing you come back to me like the sea rocks back and forth, I wish I can release the words that comes out my mouth, but I already lost my last resort. (Not my best, but this was an experience of when I was hurtful relationship. It might have a few errors. I hope you enjoy. like and follow. Poetry session every 2 weeks. Peace.)

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