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This is a "Challenge" made by@Danse about making our own unique pirate crew.

For more detail check out the original card:

I already came up with my crew and I have no regrets! Let's get started~

"The Sennin Pirates"

"The Sennin Pirates" Jolly Roger

I am not good with Photoshop so i'll just explain my Jolly Roger. It would basically have the structure of the picture above. Instead of that white scarf wrapping it, it would be a rose, and the bones would be Eu's "Scythe" and Shiroe's "Staff".

We got the name and the jolly roger. Moving on to the members~


1) Shiroe (Log Horizon) - Strategist (Captain)

Shiroe (Villain in Glasses) is going to be my captain. He's the best in the strategy department. Any raid or war would be breeze with him at command. He will plan according to the difficulty of the battle, the crews strengths and weaknesses, the numbers, etc. Just follow his instructions and there is no way the crew can lose.


2) Lupin (Lupin III) - Thief

Lupin is the best thief you'll ever find. He's smart, agile and can always come up with a disguise depending on the situation. If he decides to steal something, he WILL steal it no matter what. His adventures even get him to steal the statue of liberty. Lupin is literallyTHE definition of "Thief"


3) Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) - Assassin

I'm not talking about the "Rurouni Form", I'm talking "Battousai Form". It doesn't matter how good you are with the katana or sword, you will never win against Battousai and his invincible "Hiten Mitsurugi" style. A heartless samurai/ninja with mad skills and agility that will kill anyone he's ordered to kill. You know that sh*t's getting real when you see those eyes.


4) Mikasa (Attack On Titans) - All-Rounder

Do I even have to explain this one? I mean, Mikasa can pretty much do ANYTHING! She is great at fighting, smart, loyal and hell she might even be great at singing and cooking. I would love to see Battousai and Mikasa fighting together. It would really be a dream come true~


5) Sanji (One Piece) - Chef

He is not only the best chef in anime, but his kicks are something anyone would like to avoid. Every pirate crew needs a good chef, and who better than Sanji. He would also be able to assist in battle, even though I think he would be on the deck flirting with Mikasa..... or the other female members in the crew (continue reading).


6) Hakaze (Zetsuen No Tempest) - Healer/Mage

The princess and strongest mage in her clan, Hakaze is my healer. Her clans magic is able to heal any kind of injury, create an unbreakable shield for her and teammates, and even the ability to regenerate any part of the body. The best support for my crew as both of my front-line (Kenshin and Mikasa) are melee fighters.


7) Alucard (Hellsing) - Gunslinger

The GOD of all vampires. I will admit that he is over-powered, I mean immortality, ultimate regeneration, superhuman power and accuracy and speed, manipulation, teleportation, etc. He can do it all. Alucard could be my only crew member and he would probably be enough to kill everyone and conquer everything.


8) Saber (Fate Series) - Bodyguard

Sadly Shiroe is not that great at defending himself. So while he commands everybody, Saber will be by his side guarding him from incoming attacks (if the enemy get to pass through Kenshin, Mikasa and Alucard alive). Her loyalty and swordsmanship makes her the best escort any captain can recruit.


9) Eu Hellscythe (Koreha Zombie Desu ka) - Secret Weapon

The last member of my crew is Eucliwood. Don't let her cute nature deceive you. She is a necromancer with the ability to alter reality, resurrect the dead and can kill by just saying the word "Die" (basically a walking death note). She probably would be hanging out in her room even in battle drinking tea until she is needed and releases her power.

There you go, this is my fantasy pirate crew! Be free to agree or disagree with me.

Once again, check out the original card for this challenge by

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Looking forward to seeing your own crew, bet is going to be amazing!

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