Sexy and charismatic G.NA returns on May 22

G.NA will be back performing with her 3rd mini album. G.NA released a teaser photo for the title song “2HOT” from her 3rd album on May 15 through her official website and social networks. A refined black and white photo captured the public’s attention by featuring G.NA’s beautiful appearance. G.NA looks mysterious and elegant while staring back at the camera. The photo made people curious about her performance for “2HOT.” The teaser photo features sexy G.NA and the red letters saying “2HOT.” The black and white picture made the letters look bold. G.NA showed off her explosive vocal talent and mature charms through the song. She debuted in 2010 releasing the song “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better.” Then she ranked high with the songs, “Black and White” and “Top Girl.” She also earned the nickname ‘Sexy Diva’ by showing off her vocal skills. She is keeping a strong stance as a female solo. Since she announced that she will return to performing with her new song “2HOT,” many people are paying attention to her new album. G.NA will release the 3rd mini album Bloom on May 22. Source: TV Report via

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