The 6 Fiercest America's Next Top Model Freak Outs


WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU TIFFANY! Tyra Banks announced that America's Next Top Model would be ending after 22 Cycles. MY GOD. So many seasons, so much to comb through. But I did the work for you and found the top 6 best freak outs from everyone's favorite modeling reality show. So strap in ladies and germs...we're about to take a trip through Top Model history.

6. The weird girl freaks out on her Go-see's

Take responsibility! This girl got disqualified from the challenge because she was late. She freaked out because she couldn't communicate with her cab driver. She continued to blame her cab driver until the cows came home and blatantly yelled at all of her fellow Top Model contestants. I'm pretty much done with her. Get over it! "You know, people have war in their countries." Word. Next.

5. Celia steps to Tyra

After season 6 or so, this show became a bit irrelevant, but this moment was totally compelling. The icy biotch up in the corner there stepped to Tyra's decision and was rightfully put in her place. Nobody likes a Taddle Tale..."Get back to your place Celia." Damn right.

4. Tyra shuts down one of her male models

This dude (I don't care to learn his name so whatever) is a homophobe. He pretty much expressed his intolerant views and bashed another male contestant for being too "feminine". Thank you Tyra for putting this D bag in his place. Tyra took it to a whole other level, but she needed to.

3. The girl who freaked out about an octopus

"They want to put a big scary thing on me, and I'm supposed to let them do that?" Ugh. Just get over it. You're on TV, you're a beautiful model, just enjoy the octopus and live your life. There are so many people who would kill to be in your place. Bye!

2. Louise bitches at the queen of bitching, Kelly Cutrone

I wouldn't talk back at this woman even if someone paid me, and I love money! I didn't watch this season, but I just don't like this girl. She's a total head-case. All Kelly said was, "You don't have to run around, stay calm!" And this girl ended up talking smack to literally everyone on the panel. Her crying freak-out at the end is worth the 4 minute video. Trust me. Immaturity knows no bounds.


"I have never yelled at a girl like this!" This was the freak out heard all over the world. This was essentially the first and best viral clip from the show. Come on now Tiffany! We were all rooting for you. BE QUIET TIFFANY


That's right.

Good day.

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