5 Practice Vidoes I'm Totally In Love With

Ahhhhh, practice videos. Probably one of the best things about kpop (and the companies know it!) we have to work hard to get practice videos from our groups these days! Often, they're not realized till the MVs get a certain number of views, but really....they're always worth the wait.

Here's 3 of my favorite practice videos!

1. VIXX - On & On (Hanbok edition)

Because I die. Every single time. Hakyeon's little grandpa walk, his smile (sorry@kpopandkimchi), Leo still acting like this is a real performance, Ravi's rap....Ken's smile....there's just too man things I could list off as an amazing part of this performance!!!!

2. 100% - Bad Boy

To be honest, this is what inspired me to write this card!!@KpopGaby reminded me about 100% when we were talking about UP10TION the other day and it just reminded me about how freaking awesome they are at dancing! And how many times I used to watch this video. And that one time I thought I could learn it (lol).

Also they're singing live????????

(Rokhyun I still love you)

3. VIXX - Error

We all know I'm obsessed with this choreo, and the cute weird parts they're adding in this and Taekwoon taking himself way too seriously as always but sort of joining in on the fun just makes this video too enjoyable for me!!!

4. Guest Suggestion Video!

BTS - Boys in Luv

Because I'm totally biased and put 2 VIXX videos in here, I thought it was only fair that I ask@kpopandkimchi what one of her favorite practice videos is to add some variety...and her suggestion was this!

I had never seen this video before, but oh my god??? They're such good dancers and so in sync and holy crap V looks good.....wow. Yeah, I can see why kimchi loves this. I'm gonna add this to my personal practice vid playlist :)

5. BTOB - WOW!!!!!!


What's your fave practice video?

Share this so I can get more suggestions of what to watch!!!

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