Kim Tae Hee releases her latest pictures from Japan

Pictures of actress Kim Tae Hee staying in Japan were recently released. The pictures, which were released on May 16, feature Kim, who finished shooting the Japanese series Me and My Star for 99 Days. In one picture, Kim is holding presents that she received from her fans and smiling at the camera. Her fans made a photo book and dolls for Kim, who played the role of a Korean top star and performed with Japanese actor Nishijima Hidetoshi in the series. Another picture was taken when Kim was shooting a commercial in Japan. She is showing off her goddess-like beauty in a white dress. Kim signed a contract with the Japanese agency, Sweet Power, representing many popular Japanese actresses, including, Horikita Maki, Rina Uchiyama, and Kuroki Meisa. Kim is currently considering her next job after she finished shooting the series at the end of last year. She is enjoying a well deserved rest and is discussing her schedules in Korea and Japan. Source: Starnews via

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