Jang Nara shoots a bedroom scene with Zhao Qing

Singer and actress Jang Nara has shot a bedroom scene for a movie for the first time in her life. Under a beautiful sunlight, the star shot a scene in a bedroom appealing her pure beauty in the Chinese movie Ai Shei Shei (愛誰誰). Jang portrays a successful career woman with a high social status as a C.E.O of a luxurious skin care shop. In the movie, she visits a charity where she accidently runs into Gao Ren Jie (played by Zhao Qing), director of a veterinary clinic, and falls in love with him. They spend fun time at a gathering with their friends, and they are attracted to each other on their first encounter as if they are destined to be together. Refusing to say good-bye, they spend a sweet night together and approve each other’s feelings. The bedroom shooting took place on May 5 in a hotel located in Qingdao, China. When the star revealed her white skin, the whole staff was left in awe because her appearance and her bright smile made it look like a still cut of a commercial. The actress would have been emotionally sensitive before the shooting, but she kept her smile on for the whole time and led a bright atmosphere. Jang said, “I was very nervous because it was my first shooting in a bedroom. But I wanted to get into the character who is deeply in love and has a sweet, heart-pounding feeling. I want to give special thanks to Zhao Qing and Korean staff for their kindness and help in concentrating on the emotional acting.” Thai actor Zhao Qing who plays Jang’s lover in the movie said, “I’m honored to play as a partner of Jang Nara in the movie. I was very nervous during the shooting, but since Jang led me through a lot of things, I felt more comfortable acting. I’m grateful.” Jang’s agency Nara Jjang.Com said, “Actress Jang Nara tries to catch every move and facial expression during the shooting. We learned that she prepared for the scene for several nights. We hope that it will touch Korean and Chinese fans’ heart as much as she has poured into it.” The movie Ai Shei Shei is a romantic comedy where three male characters, including Zhao Qing and Jaycee Fong, express modern men’s marriage, love, and family in a funny way. It will premiere in August. Source: Star Daily News via korea.com

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