School Trip NSFW Fic


Inspired by a fic prompt presented by@shannonl5. This is just a preview. I'll post the legit naughty stuff when I can and give you guys the link. xD Enjoy~!


Taemin and Jonghyun had fallen in love with the music scene together. They'd attended the same art school and even went to the same uni together, albeit Jonghyun was always more into composition while Taemin's passion was dance. Being under the same program though, they were two of the ten selected students to go on a trip to Japan for a week-long music-centered retreat. The retreat was a lineup full of workshops focusing on everything from management in the industry and composition to dance and even instrument lessons. The day before last would he a concert for a few surprise artists and the last day would be a free day before they left. Now, these two had ended up as roommates through a random selection process. It was more like a roommate lottery-type game but none of the instructors really wanted to refer to it as that for some reason. Taemin had picked Jonghyun's name. He hadn't met the older before then but it would be a good chance to get to know each other nonetheless. The day the concert came, they found out it would be bands that had struck major popularity locally, but we're growing to a nationwide scale. Being from Korea, neither Taemin or Jonghyun knew the bands but, by the time they left the concert, they were screaming all kinds of lyrics. They, unknowingly, had some similar taste in music. Not to mention, their clothes. Jonghyun was usually a pretty chic kind of guy, mixing his style between the stereotypical punk rocker and the prep kid next door. Having found out the concert was open to the public as well, or at least those that won tickets, Jonghyun had been looking to score that night. Maybe not get in anyone's pants per se, but he was definitely looking to find a number or something. His Japanese wasn't 100% but he could definitely communicate the important stuff. With that being said, you better believe he'd dressed to impress. With his toned body, every pair of jeans tended to fit his thighs like they were painted on, and the pair of black denim he'd chosen for the night were no exception. He wore a white tee with "cute and sexy" written on it in black in five different languages, a gift from a girl he'd come across in a retail shop early on in their trip. To finish off his look, he wore his black creepers and as many silver accessories as he had stuffed away in his luggage. Taemin stepped out of the bathroom, style almost identical to the older's, except Taemin's jeans were torn in more places than you could count on both hands, his thighs exposed in so many ways. His white shirt was plain but the collar dropped low enough to expose not only his collarbone but some of his actual chest as well. He'd let his hair grow, to his shoulders in fact, so there was no way his black stud earrings could even be seen. All his accessories were black and he even donned a little eyeliner to sharpen his eyes. His creepers were black and white and were about an inch or two higher than Jonghyun's. He grabbed his jacket from his bed, a leather jacket that was made to look like there was a grey sweatshirt underneath. He checked his appearance in the mirror and grinned, pleased with himself. To put it simply, once the concert was over, Taemin almost got mauled with everyone thinking he was actually a member of one of the bands. Thankfully, there had been a buddy system of sorts in place and Jonghyun, being his assigned roommate, was also his assigned buddy. Getting Taemin out of there was horrific but, by the time they'd gotten in the van to head back to their hotel, he and the younger had gotten closer by simply talking and singing with one another. They stopped at a restaurant with the rest of their group and, Taemin being Taemin, happily got himself wasted, leaving Jonghyun his now chaperone to escort him to the van again. The older was a bit intoxicated himself but not nearly as much as Taemin who, thankfully with a few bottles of water, had sobered up some by the time they got back to their room. The younger of the two stumbled over his feet as Jonghyun got him over the threshold and into their room. They were still singing with one another when Taemin stole a kiss from Jonghyun's lips while the latter was placing their shoes by the door. Jonghyun stood erect and stared at him. "You're barking up the wrong tree," Jonghyun laughed, shaking his head and brushing the younger off of him. Taemin pouted and took the hair tie out of his hair, the fluffy black strands gracing his shoulders again, the red-dyed ends just barely reaching his collarbone. His eyes were almost covered by his bangs as he stepped toward Jonghyun, who was in the process of undressing and gathering clothes to take a shower. "Hyung," Taemin called, grabbing onto the shorter male's arm, "It's no secret that you don't like just girls." Jonghyun blinked, round eyes zeroing in on the boy still clinging to him, "What are you talking about?" "Don't play coy with me," he pouted again, hugging Jonghyun's arm tighter, "You've kissed other boys. I'm not cute enough for you?" This conversation was escalating quickly and was turning awkward all at the same. Jonghyun tried to slip his arm free but Taemin obviously wasn't having it. The younger's gaze proved that he wasn't playing. "I'll even let you top me," Taemin resisted the urge to giggle. He was that drunk. Whenever Taemin had been with a guy, he'd usually top but he couldn't take Jonghyun in those tight jeans any longer. Not to mention, when he raised his hands at the concert, Taemin had gotten more than enough of a good glance at what was underneath that shirt. Taemin wanted to taste it all, and he wasn't even drunk then. Taemin had a reputation in the dance-focused students of the music major. He wouldn't open his legs for anyone but he had no qualms about who he drove his hips into. He was sure Jonghyun didn't know this but he couldn't help but to wonder if the older would've tried to get with him already if he had known. Jonghyun was clearly tempted by the offer. He'd never actually been with a guy. A few makeout sessions though and, apparently, rumors spread, even if they weren't really rumors. Jonghyun was always willing to hook up with a guy but the right one never presented himself. Taemin, on the other hand, was saying all the right things to get the older to let his guard down. "Jonghyunnie-hyung has taken such good care of me. I want to pay you back somehow."

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