My Favorite Female Heroine (CHALLENGE) Yoruichi Shihoin

I love anime (a lot) and Bleach was my official starter anime so it has a special place in my heart. I have been challenged, and I could choose no one other than Yoruichi!!!

Yoruichi's first appearance was in the form of a black cat with the voice of a male. Now as an unfamiliar watcher, you'd probably think 'That's normal. Animals talking in anime, whatever.' But it was when she revealed herself as a female that everything changed for me!

She first changed into a female when in a hot spring. I know what you're thinking, 'Kuzuri, you're so pervy!' lol, but hear me out. It wasn't that she was in the nude at the moment, but she was funny and cute! That's where it all began.


Yoruichi became an instant favorite of mine. She was hot, her combat skills were AWESOOOOME, and her speed is almost second to none! She was very courageous and relaxed, but at times gave off some comic relief, loosening the mood.


Yoruichi could also pack down a bunch of food. And as a person of color, seeing her as a very strong brown female in anime made my day.


She is and shall always be my #1! Hehehe. Thanks@shannonl5 for the awesome challenge!

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