Lupe Fiasco Starts a Fund to Help Local Businesses in Poor Neighborhoods

Lupe is giving back.

Lupe Fiasco has partnered with the members of the Dream Big Foundation and the Head of Global Partnerships at the navigation app Waze to start a fund that aims to help local entrepreneurs in underserved neighborhoods develop new businesses

Pretty cool right?

Called the Neighborhood Start Fund, the first area they will work with is Brownsville, Brooklyn.

The goal of the program is to turn funds acquired into successful businesses that will be able to reinvest into other Brownsville start-up businesses.

“support entrepreneurs and start-ups from underserved areas, so the best new ideas won’t get wasted.”


This is exactly what inner city communities need.

Young people will be drawn in by Lupe Fiasco's name and this will provide jobs and opportunity for those in need.

Lupe continues to prove that he isn't chasing the cool, but defining it.

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