My Pirate Crew

@Danse. I really liked the idea so I made my own crew too :)

Roka is my captain. She's adorable but she's also feared by all gangs. She knows how to lead... I assure you. Her ultimate power is darkness.

Mori from Ouran. You need at least one strong silent type.

and of course Mori can't be anywhere without Honey whose bad ass factor is similar to Roka's.

Leone from Akame ga kill she will be our thief.

Cana from Fairy Tail. The ability to drink, play cards and kick butt is literally the definition of a good pirate.

Renji from Bleach. His style honestly just fits.

Shinoa from Seraph of the end.

and Erza and Minerva... I can't go wrong with this crew.

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