[Resurrection Challenge!]

Bucky Barnes wrestling a bear everyone. You're welcome.

this fun Marvel challenge

Come on! You know Bucky!



Bucky is the character that Marvel invented to hurt my feelings.

he was Ed Brubaker's favorite character growing up

Thankfully, Bucky was rescued from Hydra.

Of course a bunch of stuff happened to get him there, but I could summarize that forever and it would never be as good as reading the comics!

And because it's Marvel, he'll probably never die.

We all know nobody stays dead (except Uncle Ben).

Which is great, because he's a snarky little ****

Bucky Barnes: 110% done.

Oh, and one time his detached metal arm went out of its way to punch Tony Stark in the face.

Tony deserved it.


That's my challenge response!

Tell me about a character you love that's come back from the dead.

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