[15 Days of Halloween] The Majestic "Left Shark" Costume Tutorial


One of my favorite pop culture occurrences of the past decade is the ever illusive, Left Shark. He is an enigma that swept the nation during last year's Super Bowl. And I still haven't forgotten about him.

Shall we take a trip down memory lane before we get into this ultra-important costume tutorial?


We will.

Here is videographic evidence of Left Shark in action. He is so majestic and powerful.

Look at him.

Katy Perry is an afterthought when this shark is around. Nobody can deny his prowess. His clumsy, dopy prowess.

Who wouldn't want to embody that for Halloween!?


You have to pull this move at every party you attend. It's necessary. Trust me.

It's like the Macarena...but better...because a shark is doing it.


And you would be a complete Hallow-failure if you didn't break it down like this.

So, I'm sure...with that video and these two gifs alone I've convinced you to be...no, become Left Shark this Halloween.

Now you ask...HOW?

How do I become this beautiful?

Well, I'll tell you.

All you need is 125.00 and a dream.

Katy Perry's official online store is selling Left Shark Onesies. They are warm, beautiful and completely necessary for this Halloween. Honestly, if you want to go all the way, buy an inflatable palm tree and carry it with you, dancing though every party with a confused look on your face, because...that is the only proper way to Left Shark.


You can find this impressive garment here, at Katy's official store.

130 dollars is not a lot to spend to look this fabulous.

Thank you for your patronage,

Goodbye now.


Soon you'll be able to live in the world of Left Shark with Katy Perry's very own app called "Katy Perry Pop" much like Kim Kardashian Hollywood and the like. I WILL BE LEFT SHARK EVEN IF IT KILLS ME, or just makes my hands tired from tapping on my iPhone.

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