~Character Appreciation: Savyna~

"Friend or foe... stand in my way, and I'll take you out."

I'm not much of a gamer anymore... but I adore this character. Baten Kaitos was an incredibly engaging game, and it was partially because of how much I loved Savyna. Her design, her story arc, even her attacks were some of my favorites.


Check out a few of her attacks!

These aren't even the really good ones!

"I'm not expecting much of a fight."

Characters like her are often depicted as being very cold, but she was often giving advice to the younger characters in the party

"Allow me to introduce you to lady death!"

Plus, check out those wings! She looked so cool to me. The story of the game is pretty much concluded (there was a second one but it was a prequel, not a sequel). But even though I've mostly stopped gaming I'd definitely start again if there was a new game featuring this character!

This music isn't character-specific, but it's beautiful. The design choices in this game were all really incredible.

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