My onepiece pirate crew

I really like the idea of this challange an have accepted it behold the 9 gate pirates don't have jolly Roger yet but will have one soon.

1. My captain Monkey D. Luffy (onepiece) Cause how can have a crew without a great captain like Luffy he protects his own an goes above an beyond for the ppl he cares about an loves new adventure you jus couldn't be bored around him always something happening

2. First mate Zoro (onepiece) What can I say zoro he's a laid back swordsmen who aims to be the best of the best right or wrong he's gonna have yur back an is always looking out.

3. My sharpshooter Killua ( hunter x hunter) Tho Killua is not a gunman he has the trained accuracy of an elite assassin coming from a young age of intense training by his older brother an father yet still being a kindhearted person deep down would enjoy the adventures of a pirate life

4. My chef Akame ( Akame ga kill) Tho her cooking skills my not compare to sanji she is a meat lover like her fellow captain Luffy an her swordman ship is something I do enjoy her also having a background of assassination would get along with Killua an along with the adventures

5. My navigator Nami (onepiece) I wouldn't have it any other way her vast knowledge of weather out in the open sea is something I would absolutely want including her mapping skills an management of the crews loot

6. My doctor Law (onepiece) I choose cause of he's vast knowledge in the medical field coming from a family of doctors an the ability of his devil fruit switch allow him to rearrange anything the way he want enough said

7. My strategist Shikamaru (naruto) Laid back guy tho lazy when he puts his mind to can take hold of any situation an in Luffy case would be a great help

8. My shipright Edward (Fullmetal alchemist) Edward being an alchemist has the ability to create or fix anything through equivalent exchange would come in handy for a pirate crew if I do say so myself

9. My musician killer b (naruto) With his 8 swords style an mad rapping skills I would enjoy him being on my crew

Thanks for reading an let me kno what you guys think an btw this is my first card so let me kno how I did please could use the help...

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