What Got Into You Challenge


okay Vingle family.... i know you all probably have done something exactly like this but i want to try this out.


i started watching mv's on youtube and it got me thinking???? what song really got me into this group.


then i thought it would be fun to think of the songs that got me hooked onto the groups that i absolutely love!!!!


i won't list every single one but i will list like three of them.... of course it won't be the obvious ones( SHINee, SNSD, Big Bang) so without further a do....

Bangtan Boys- Boy In Luv..

This was actually the video i was watching when i thought about this

EXO- Growl

My nephews love their song Wolf, they love the MV even more

SISTAR19- Ma Boy

Although my favorite is SoYou, Bora is the very reason why i got into them in the first place!!!! i love this song


okay so its up to you guys! i will tag as much people as i can and the rest is up to you. you can share as many groups as you want!!!


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