My One Piece Crew (response)

Not usually my style but seems like fun. Creating a crew out of any anime characters? I'm down....

My captain? Spike of course. He's always able to keep a level head no matter the situation. Seems too laid-back to be a leader but I know he'll get the job done.

My tank, Taurus Aldebaran. Pretty much the muscle of the crew.

My wildcard, Judar. His power is insane and he'd probably get into more trouble than he's worth but would be a good asset in any fight.

My sniper, Lockon. He's deadly with the right weapon. I'm sure he'd be able to take out any enemy ships.

And finally my medic, Unohana. She has a loving personality but also a whole other side to her that no one should ever see. Perfect trump card.

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