Collaboration Stages I Want to See! What are yours?

So the end of the year is coming soon, and that usually means that a lot of special stages will happen at the year end festivals!!! And usually we get a few special collaboration stages within those performances

Here's the collab stages that I want to see most!

BTS & Hyuna

I feel like this would be a really fun combination--they could do some sort of weird remix of Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun or Barbie Girl where Hyuna takes the lead and BTS plays like a group of boys that are interested in her or something. Idk. But I think it'd be fun!

VIXX with Nine Muses!

They've done a few small modeling related things together before, but I think they're all so tall that it'd be a shame if they didn't try to do something more together! They could do a very suave song that would fit Nine Muses style, but VIXX can fit in as well (think of that time they did a Justin Timberlake dance or Only U.

Onew & Big Bottle!

@kpopandkimchi had this brilliant idea--Onew should do a special stage with Big Byung and they can sing about CHICKEN!! Because eveyone in Big Byung likes to eat and Onew loves chicken and it would be too good.

Mamamoo & BTOB

I just think this would be ridiculously adorable and probably funny! Both groups make me smile and laugh, so a collag stage would be great :)

APink & B1A4

This one is like BTOB and Mamamoo for me! I think their styles would fit well together, and they'd be really enjoyable to watch!

Oh My Girl & Seventeen!

I don't' know either of these groups that well, but I think there's a lot of similarly aged people in both groups so it might be fun for them to do a collab stage!

What groups do you want to see do collaboration stages?

Share this card, and maybe we'll get some of the companies to see it and make these stages happen (lololol probably not but it's worth a try!!!)

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