Fairy Tail Couples!

Hi there fellow Fairy Tail lovers! This is for all those otakus who love Fairy Tail and the couples in it!

I totally ship Laxus and Mirajane! Even though this couple isn't together all the time you can there is a connection between them. I hope they end up together in the end

I freaking ship Jerza so bad so close yet so far from each other. They have such a strong love for each other. Even though Jellal was manipulated into something he wasn't and lost his memory he was still able to remember Erza's name!! And even though Jellal was mean to her without acknowledging it in the end she still loved him too!!! Love this couple so much

Another one of my favorite couples is Gruvia!! I love how crazy Juvia is for Gray and how he tries to act like he doesn't like her but more and more in the show you can tell that Gray does like Juvia. Can't wait to see their love grow more on the show!

I like how odd this couple is but they truly are meant for each other. Elfman and Evergreen are the unexpected yet cute couple in Fairy Tail. She's so crazy when it comes to winning and he's so crazy about being manly so cute when you see them together.

My second most favorite couple has to Gale!! Gajeel and Levy are also an unexpected couple but I am very glad that a thing started happening between them. Even though Gajeel beat up team shadow gear Levy was able to see another side to Gajeel that others couldn't ever since the S Class trails Gajeel and Levy have been together (along with lily of course) Even though it wasn't an official kiss they finally kissed on the show and honestly can't wait to see them grow more

Last but certainly not least my favorite couple in Fairy Tail is Nalu!! I love this couple so much they won my heart more and more into the show. What I absolutely love about them is how much they care for each other. Whenever Lucy is in trouble Natsu is always there to save her and Whenever Natsu is fighting Lucy can't help but get worried. I also love how much faith they have in each other I can't wait to see this couple grow more. Nalu for life!!

I hope you enjoyed my top couples in Fairy Tail like and comment below for more couples you think are absolutely great together.

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