ANNOUNCING: Vingle Elections 2015!!

This time next year will be the craziest time in politics. You guessed it! Election season!

And as a fan of politics and discussion myself, I thought it would be a fun challenge to get people to take sides, and REALLY think about what matters the most to you.

So you think you want to run for President?

Don’t be the next Kayne West and jump into the decision. Running for president is tough stuff, and it also requires you make some commitments. So talk with your family and make sure this is what you want to do. And follow these steps to make your candidacy official.


Step 1:

Announce your Candidacy and Platform

ask for a campaign staff of 5 people



Step 2:

Participate in Debates

This is pretty simple, each week we have a debate of sorts on a card. A candidate will create the card and tag all the other fellow candidates. They will follow a range of topics and will be rotating in each community. Debates will take place Wednesday evenings starting this week.


Step 3:

Campaign in a productive way.

Is there a movie you saw that you have an opinion on, and you think your campaign followers should know about? Write a card about it and assert your opinion.

Is there a news issue that you know how to solve? Write a card about it and assert your opinion in your campaign.

Be creative!



Nov 13 is voting day!

Friday the thirteenth right? What better way to celebrate then by sharing who you think should win Vingle elections? Amiright?



Deadline to join the race is by the end of this week! (Oct. 25)


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