Choose A Winner, Choose #StevensForPresident2015

Hello, my name is Tess Stevens and I am a good, honest American like yourself. All I want for this country is peace, happiness, prosperity and for the American dream to return to each and every individual that happens to set foot in our country.

Ah who am I kidding!


I am running for president of Vingle...and I will promise you everything and anything you should desire, so long as you comment on this card and vote me into office.

It doesn't matter if I'm a crook, or a horrorshow. If I get enough votes, I WILL CLIMB TO THE TOP.

For those of us entering the #VingleElections, there can be no mercy.


In the dog eat dog world of #VingleElections, there can only be one winner. And I implore you to side with that person...which is, of course, me.

Let me explain to you why you should choose #StevensForPresident2015


1. I use a lot of hashtags.

No self-respecting presidential hopeful doesn't have a team of hashtags to further propel their movement to the people. So, each time you want to draw awareness to your favorite candidate (me), you can use them... My main one is of course #StevensForPresident2015, which I IMPLORE YOU to use on all social media.

Because shameless self promotion is always the best way to win. Am I alright #Obama?










2. I'm honest.

Usually politicians are going to pull your leg, make promises they can't keep and continue the campaign of hatred under false pretenses.

I'm going to continue the campaign of hatred under completely truthful pretenses. You won't see any pandering here, no attack ads or pointing fingers.

I'm just pointing the finger back at myself, so you don't have to.

3. I'm a rock star and professional a-hole.

You want a president with some bite right? Someone who won't cow-tow to the demands of outside sources. You want a president who will speak for themselves, and for you! There will be no sugar coating of any kind. If you want someone who is a follower...don't vote for me.

But if you want someone who will stick up for you, create opportunities for you (like challenge cards, tags and all around good natured stuff), and give YOU a voice (even when you're too afraid to admit when you were wrong, or you're having a problem you can't face alone) fear not...because #TESSSTEVENSFORPRESIDENT will be there.

4. I have no shame, and here's an embarrassing photo of me in a balloon hat to prove that.

There are no skeletons in the closet with me, they're out on display for you to tweet, share, read and comment on.

Sure, I've had a checkered past (which no doubt will come up in my opponent's cards), but I will not be a slave to it!

We all make mistakes, and in order to be a successful leader, we must acknowledge our mistakes, embrace others, and move forward.

If you're curious about anything I've done, thought or felt...there's an entire collection you can check out here.

5. I love A lot.

I'm very invested in my country, and Vingle too! So if you want a president who has passion, commitment and strength, you must choose #Stevens because, these colors don't run.

See? That's my boy #GeorgeWashington crossing the Delaware...shout out.


Basically, I'm the Frank Underwood of Vingle, so you should get on my team or prepare for a sad, sad defeat.

I'm calling for 5 staff members to help me run my campaign: Only 3 positions left!

1. Whip: much like a house minority or majority whip, the "whip" campaigns and gets the votes together. You will be responsible for convincing those who are "on the fence" and can't choose which candidate to support. They will support me. #StevensForPresident2015

*******Congratulations to@kikid123 for her persistance and support of every aspect of me...on Vingle and beyond. (she's my mom so like...she has to like me right?) You are WHIP! Now get out there and whip those votes!)

2. PR Liason: I need someone to spread the good faith, so your job will be to like, share and use the hashtag #StevensForPresident2015 wherever necessary, facebook, twitter, instagram wherever. WE MUST WIN.

3. Vice President: Now, if you want to run on the ticket with the best candidate out there, you've got to prove yourself. So make a card and explain to me why you should be my VP. Make sure to tag other #VingleElections participants!

4. Secretary of Awesome: This person will help all other staffers whip the votes in my favor. You'll be my henchman...ehem..I mean, right hand man.

***********Congratulations to@NerukaWong who will be doing my dirty work for me...I mean...supporting my campaign ;) Welcome aboard! ************

5. Chief of Staff: Basically you'll be responsible for the rest of the team, making sure that they do their jobs,'re on the look out for any attack Ad's or cards that may run in opposition. And you will smite them down.

And so it is written.

If you're interested in joining the good fight, comment below...pledge your loyalty to the best candidate. Vote for Tess.


I Hereby tag all interested parties:


If you're interested in running against me (and I sure hope you are ready), you can join the #VingleElections race and get more information here! Thanks to@nicolejb for hosting!


[The #StevensForPresident2015 campaign approves this message.]

Comment below to join the fight, I mean quest for fame and fortune...I mean CAMPAIGN.


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