5 Fashionable Taupe Items You Need In Your Life

Taupe of the morning lovelies.

When it comes to neutral shades, it's obvious that we have a thing for taupe. Let's just say if grey and tan had a baby together, that's what you would get. The fall and winter is all about neutrals, which means now is the time to show off some of your favorite pieces.

If you don't have your hand on any neutral pieces just yet, don't worry -- you still have time. I'm here to give you a bit of inspiration so that you can get a good look at some taupe colored staples your that would look amazing hanging in your closet right about now. If you're feeling up to it, keep scrolling and let the shopping begin.

The Handbag

The Infinity Scarf

The Knee High Boots

The Crop and Midi Skirt

The Biker Jacket

Ladies, are you loving the color taupe this season?

How would you wear it?

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