YG needs to chill😩

Because Yang Hyun Suk trolls VIPs on a regular basis lol but in all seriousness, I'm just a bit worried about next year and Big Bang's future at YG. It's going to be the 10th anniversary (TURN UP!) but also the end of their contract. So, they could go out with a Big Bang (no pun intended, just autocorrect) or just continue on like Super Junior has done before their members went off for enlistment. I could just be worrying for nothing, but I hope, for once, that YG is just trolling us by bringing up the fact that the contract is ending.

Just a girl who listens to K-pop. Yep, that sounds pretty accurate.😊 If you want to talk about it, the good and/or the bad (Yes, there are worse things than sasaengs and bias wreckers 😏 or maybe not...) I'm all ears! Or eyes lol I look forward to hearing from y'all (I'm from the South. Don't judge 😂)
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