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Thank you,@amobigbang, for tagging me. I may end up doing more than one of these. ^u^



the fear of the unseen is what makes us human. what makes us seem weak in the eyes of others when they don't fear what we do. the colors flying by in the blink of an eye, and the beings living amongst us without saying a word. they fear, live, breathe... survive. escaping and holding onto even the smallest of things we dare not open our eyes to. there's no reason to be afraid. there's no reason to run. there is a sense of escape in watching someone else's freedom. to see beings not confined, not restricted, by the bars we collide into day by day. to see the world you do, the way you do, would cause anyone to run and hide. to hold regrets where they are not needed. to shy away from a world that doesn't understand. but am i strange for wanting to embark with you? to experience an adventure that no one would ever believe to make connections that build stories that turn into legends to understand the hidden just continue to smoke i'll continue to sit in silence with you thinking of the things that no one else does becoming more strange by the day as I journey with you ♡.

Ginko ㅠㅠ

Mushi-shi is, hands down, one of my favorite anime and manga. Even the theme song for the anime makes me happy, okay? It's not exactly something everyone can watch because of some of the images but... *sobs* I haven't read it/watched it in a while since I finished it but, just thinking about it again... I want to watch it again. ;;

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