They're so Gay; Fairy Tail

Hello and welcome to "They're so Gay" where I, also extremely gay present to you my favorite gay ships. (Please take note that I use gay as a broad term, meaning i'm including yuri bc yuri is fckn gr8)

Since the Fairy Tail fandom is so fucking homophobic I decided to make this to piss everyone off because my ships are more likely to become canon than your irrelevant straight ships that barely even have any encounters and are very very unlikely to become canon. (Excluding KinaBra bc i love them holy christie)

there's no way in hell that they aren't the gayest little shits in the history of little shits (i actually headcanon cana as pan and lucy as bi)

you think that gale's height difference is cute but have you even sEEN jurichiya thas right ho

wow look at them im so proud of my little children sheds tear they grew up so gay

you knew this was going to happen (I couldn't find v many photos of these qts forgive)

its so fucking funny when people get butthurt about this shit(sin) go ahead delight me grabs popcorn

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