Vingle Election Coverage: The Race Begins!


Hello Vinglers, it’s your news community moderator here. Earlier I realized the Vingle 2015 Presidential election announcement and Vinglers went wild. But three have already emerged in the race.

Here’s a little recap on the events that have thus enfolded.

The Current Campaigners.


@TessStevens was Quick to Announce her Candidacy

With the hashtag (#)StevensForPresident2015@TessStevens announcement came a mere hour after the Vingle announcement. This self-proclaimed "Frank Underwood of Vingle” has some strong opinions.

"I am running for president of Vingle...and I will promise you everything and anything you should desire, so long as you comment on this card and vote me into office. It doesn't matter if I'm a crook, or a horrorshow. If I get enough votes, I WILL CLIMB TO THE TOP."

Let’s see if she can truly climb to the top.


@quietone Emerged from the Dark...

A strong competitor and self-proclaimed “Trump” of the campaign emerged to take the stand and fight.

"Unlike most politicians now I am brutally honest and I will have no issues with telling you exactly how it is. When I debate with other vinglers I will be able to understand numerous view points at once. If I become president I shall make it more open and help make sure everything is fair.”


@InPlainSight Promises Cake & Love

It is clear that@InPlainSight is making some big promises, and some of them food-related.

If I am elected your President, I will share with you all a cake a week! For any Vinglers who visit the city of the Vingle Presdential Palace (Sydney, Australia) I will furnish you with a real slice of cake!!! Yes, free cake for all!!!

In addition to this promise, he has promised love, celebrity backing, and lots of gifs.

Trip to Sydney anyone?


Pants Scandal

(yes, I took the screenshots. hehe)

Despite it only being the first day of the elections announcement, much has happen that I need to report. Not only were their jabs taken, fingers pointed, it seems there has also been...some pants dropping?

@quietone and@InPlainSight have shown some sneaky campaigning strategies. See for yourself.

Campaign Jabs

(more screenshots)

@InPlainSight had no problem taking jab, while they were also returned by@TessStevens and@quietone

It seems already many jabs were taken in the competitive spirit. While we all appreciate a little friendly competitiveness, we might have to watch and see how each candidates support sustains as their pointing the fingers continues...

Campaign Rumor

(even more screenshots)

Rumors are that@quietone might quit the campaign altogether and take on a different role...being@TessSteven’s VP candidate.

No words on how@allischaaff (running mate of@quietone) is taking the news.

Also, it seems she might be trying to convert@InPlainSight to her side as well. Will this race be hers already?

Vingle Elections 2015

And stay classy Vinglers!!

“Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying."
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