Twice! JYP'A New girl group!

Ok so I have been meaning to make a card about JYP'S new girl group Twice. I just have to say how excited I am for them. I started watching Sixteen and let me just say how much heartache I went through. I loved and hated that show so much. I hated it for the obvious reasons, I loved all the girls and I wished that they would all debut. Total twist in the show, I mean the ending was obvious but still. I don't want to put it in case someone wants to watch it and I ruin it for them. I loved the show because you got to hear their stories and get to know them better. This is another group that is hard to pick a bias in. I have my top favorites but it is still hard not to love all of them.

I'll help you get to know the group a little better! I'll put their names and position on the group. I'll do it in order of the pictures. Their ages will be in the parenthesis. πŸ˜„ Nayeon- The Leader and Lead Vocalists (19) Momo- Main dancer (18) Mina- Vocalist and Lead Dancer (18) Sana- Vocalist (18) Chaeyoung- Main Rapper (16) Tzuyu- Vocalist, Visual and Maknae (16) Jungyeon- Main Vocalist (18) Jihyo- Main Vocalist (18) Dahyun- Vocalist and Sub-rap (17) You can also watch the show they were on which is Sixteen and you can find it on YouTube. If you want some links, just let me know. It was a struggle finding a good quality video with good subs. But it is all worth it in the end. I promise! πŸ˜„Also a good way to pick a bias, even though it may change. πŸ˜…


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