30 Day K-Pop Challenge Day 16 - 19

I fell behind on this one too...*le sigh*...ok here we go!

Day 16: Idol You Wish Was Your Older Brother ~ Leeteuk

I think he'd make the perfect protective/ caring older brother that'd let you get away with almost anything!

Day 17: Idol You Wish Was Your Older Sister ~ Dara

She's gorgeous but down to earth and we have a similar sense of humor so we'd get along great!

Day 18: Idol You Wish Was Your Younger Brother ~ Woozi

I just wanna smother him with love he's so adorable with those dimples! Plus he's got a evil streak just like me!

Day 19: Idol You Wish Was Tour Younger Sister ~ Choi Jin Ri (Sulli)

She's so cute like a doll and sweet. I've always felt a little protective of Sulli.

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