Yes, You Can! YOU can be a Life Saver!

No, not that kind of life saver! This kind of lifesaver!

The American Heart Association has put out new basic-life-support guidelines and it is easier than ever to learn how to save the life of a loved one (or stranger)!many, many

There's a LOT of overwhelming information out there, so let's simplify!

I will create a series of cards dedicated to empowering you all to... 1. Educate yourselves and your loved ones about Heart Disease, Stroke, and daily safety/ injury care & prevention 2. Become trained in CPR/AED and First Aid 3. Learn all about the Cardiac Chain of Survival 4. Provide ideas about how you can help your community and/or loved ones who are already cardiac/stroke survivors 5. Explore ways you can use CPR/First Aid skills to help keep your Pet or furry family member safe 6. Decide how to best prepare yourselves and your family for disaster

Just a little about me (I hate this part)...littleHUGE

Just ONE more thing!

This is my partner-in-crime, Arthur Fonzarelli - His friends call him "Fonzie". Arthur is eventually going to train to be my Cardiac Alert Service Dog! Fonzie doesn't even have thumbs...if he can learn to save a life, anyone can! Hope to see you soon, LoveBugs! (Special thanks to@allischaaff@TessStevens@nicolejb@ShannonI5@danidee@MissB82 for your kindness, guidance, and general uber-awesomeness!)

We are all such complex creatures - none of us fit in a "box"... Tree-hugging, animal loving, humanist, altruistic hippy. Love & Light, LoveBugs!
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