Ladies of K-Pop Playlist (jiggzy19 & MattK95)

Because it's super late, and we still have a lot to do@MattK95 and me are going to do our playlist together to save time :)

We have chosen 4 themes that we will each choose a couple of songs in each category, enjoy !!!!

Theme 1: Cute ^-^

1. Hello Bubble - Girl's Day

2. Cupid - Oh My Girl

3. Sugar Sugar - LABOUM

4. Marshmallow - IU

Theme 2: Sad T-T

1. Hopeless Love - Park Jimin

2. Cold Rain - 4Minute

3. Goodbye Rain - Jeon Min Ju x Kim Yuna

feat. Hyunkyu

4. Two Lovers - Davichi feat. Mad Clown

Theme 3: Sexy O.O

1. Up and Down - EXID

2. Yasisi - NS Yoon-G

3. Chewy - D.Holic

4. Wiggle Wiggle - Hello Venus

(!! Warning 19+ MV !!)

Theme 4: Badass (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

1. Hate You - 2NE1

2. Shut Up U - Wa$$up

3. Bad Girls - Lee Hyori

4. Reason I Became a Witch - NS Yoon-G

Random songs we just wanted to add at the end ^^

1. Fear - Clara feat. Yasu

2. My Number - Cheetah

(!! Warning 19+ MV !!)

3. I Can't Live Without Love - Song Sohee

Well that's our list, we really hope you enjoyed it, we didn't really bother trying to put them in any special order, too time consuming ^^

Because of the small amount of time we had for this, we kept things short and to the point. :)

@danidee I believe you wanted to see@MattK95's list when it was posted :D

Credit to the owners of these Mv's and photo, we DO NOT own them!!!

Exclamation marks & emoticons!! ;) Let's be friends!! K?! (⌒▽⌒) One K-pop loving girl!!!! :D
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